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International Brands is the leading private-held company that distributes prestigious European brands in Central America, Caribbean and South America. We are known by our high-quality service, providing the best distribution channels for the brands we represent.

International Brands has successfully established more than 120 authorized retailers for the brands represented, and more than 10 business partners that allows to deliver premium products and services with right features, prices, helping our customers increase sales and productivity. By marketing support, authorized retailers have reached more recognition for the brands represented among local customers.

who we are

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In recent years, sports and physical activities have changed the way they are performed, since not only people need just clothing and shoes to go out and practice any discipline, but also the participation of technology and special equipment that allows them to do it. Athletes and sports enthusiasts improve incredibly when it comes to performing any physical activity.

From the high demand of large business to individual users, our brands are intended to meet the requirements of the equipment market. IB aims to provide and manage the brands in combination with the local retailers to achieve the most extensive market share.

Here in International Brands, our workforce is focused on distributing premium brands to Latin American Markets.

Committed to our brands and authorized retailers, International Brands operates in 3 countries: Panama, Costa Rica and Sint Maarten.

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For more than 5 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving best results for our retailers and brand partners

International Brands is based in Panama, however we have offices and warehouses in Costa Rica and Sint Maarten (Dutch Caribbean).

We specialize in sport equipment, technology and luxury goods.

We distribute in ALL Latin America starting from Mexico and ending in Argentina. Our main focus markets are: Costa Rica, Panama, Caribbean and Chile.

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Our mission is the commitment to maintain our human and technological resources to consolidate the portfolio of prestigious and valuable brands we represent.

Our team integrates professionals from different niches: sales, marketing, logistics and we are focused on the development of new product lines in Central-South America and the Caribbean.

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Orlando Castellanos

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Veronica Zavala

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Wilfred Vargas