Our Brands

With the increasing demand of sporty goods in Latin American market, International Brands represent those brands that meet the main necessities of people and sport enthusiasts, according to the markets assigned for them. Therefore, the brands have been carefully selected to answer in the fastest way those needs.

It is important to highlight that our brands are constantly being required for the locals in their markets, We currently distribute premium sports and technology brands: SUUNTO, SKINS, CW-X, VIBRAM and CEP. They give the most accurate, easy to use, inspiring products to fulfill people´s goals into the ultimate ways of training.

Vibram FiveFingers is the #1 premium shoe brand, due to the fact it is globally recognized by their fabrication of soles, that are especially designed to resist any activity and are engineered foot targeted. These shoes are a true “second skin” allowing the athletes feel as if they were walking barefoot. They all are designed for especific activities such as outdoors, watersports, training and fitness, running, casual and closeout.

Depending on the activity, Vibram handdles different types of soles, which is adapted more comfortably to the feet.

SKINS in the main Brand in compression clothing, globally recognized in 31 countries, that claims athletes must handle themselves with honesty and integrity at all times. They should be determined and driven with the true spirit of competition, that is the reason why they never should be stopped.

SKINS developed a technology which comes from the idea that improving blood circulation would supply more oxygen to the muscles, helping them work harder for longer and recover faster. After lots of consulting to NASA and other experts, they confirmed that sport enthusiasts got better in power, speed, stamina and recovery. The use of SKINS is so trustworthy, that medical journals and the Australian Physiotherapy Association highly recommend it and qualifying for registration of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Currently, SKINS has special collections for each sport: team sport, running, fitness, thriatlon, cycling recovery and much more.

SUUNTO is the #1 premium smartwatch brand. They are made in Finland and offer the best features for athletes and people who go exercise in general, such as HR monitors, GPS, route saver, heatmaps, moon calendar, app where the training can be upload and share it in social networks, multi-sport modes, and more.

Currently, Suunto Caribbean has the following collections:

  • Performance
  • Outdoor
  • Luxury 

CEP Compression protects your body during activity, helps stabilize muscles and joints after injuries, speeds recovery and helps conserve energy for when you need it most. Our collection of compression sleeves, socks, tights and clothing enhance performance and recovery through the targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and speed up lactate metabolism.

With a passion for detail and design, that incorporates medical expertise garnered through decades long relationships with sports medicine specialists and professional athletes, CEP offers the right product for every athlete to achieve a perfect balance between health and performance. CEP is the sports brand of Medi headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany.

CW-X is the Premium Brand of compression clothing, that is endurance engineered most sophisticated in the world. CW-X- Conditioning wear makes high performance technical apparel that helps athletes of all kinds to improve their speed, endurance and recovery. Through an extensive study in kinesiology, japanese scientists understood the mechanics of joints and muscles in minute detail.